OMG, What Is Kari Doing ?! Volume 1

To keep up with Kari Jay is to have an inside look into active change in this world. She inspires the people to keep ascending and aims to show them exactly what they are capable of through the visuals and lyrics she purposefully includes in her music. The vibe that she shares with the world is fresh emphasizing the idea that all should not be bound physically but be free to experience all the soul this world has to offer. Kari is currently a Senior at UC Davis and is expected to graduate “whenever she finish”. She is currently learning how to play acoustic guitar and saxophone, familiarizing herself with Serato, and is working to learn all Adobe Creative Cloud applications. To know Kari is to develop a sister that remains intact through energy and flesh, and an educator that serves to teach and guide.

Although music is the forefront of Kari’s career, this rising artist is multifaceted and can be found pouring love into the community as well. Kari achieves this is through her work as the Co-Founder & External operations manager of West2West, a community movement sparked in 2016 to cater to the west sides of Afrikan culture everywhere.

It houses West2West Movement, created to provide educational services to the youth, and West2West Ventures, traveling excursions that were inspired by Marcus Garvey’s Back-to-Africa Movement from the 1920s. This movement is meant to influence Black people to journey to African countries and explore the beauty of the motherland. Kari is also committed to affirming her community through the promotion of healthy natural hair with West2West Crownz, providing all age groups with protective styles to implement healthy locks and tresses. Kari Jay is an asset to her community, her family, and dedicates all that she does to them.

Her genuinely hyphy, revolutionary spirit was nurtured by a village and Kari actively pays that same nurturing energy forward in her upcoming EP, ‘Sacred’. This soulful project is set to be released on her birthday during Aquarius season, the sign whose energy emphasizes progressive healing and wisdom. The ‘Sacred’EP is a three-volume project that incorporates 3 waves of sound ranging from RnB, to Afrobeat, to Hip Hop and is expected to drop on a significant date dear to Kari’s heart. The first volume was released on January 27th and was well received by her fans, family, and friends. The second volume is set to drop on February 26th, and the third and final volume for Womxn’s history in March.

Along with new music on the way, Kari is hosting a segment called “The Book Bussdown'' which will be uploaded to the official Kari Jay YouTube channel! Here, one can capture an intellectual vibe with Kari as she shares and analyzes the depths of various highly impactful books, including Toni Morrison’s The Source of Self Regard - which she currently has her nose in! Kari Jay plans to gift her supporters with good vibes and a case of the funnies is a second entertainment segment called Relativity TV featuring some of her close friends aka her “rellies”.

This New Year, it is evident that the Kari Jay Music team will be coming with consistent high-quality content from her and other young, fresh talent from different coasts all over the world. Kari is eager to tap in with other creatives and those who would like to make magic are encouraged to contact . She is in her duffle bag this year and does not plan on coming out anytime soon!

Dedication is very much a theme around this time for the artist and as the late Nipsey Hussle said “Dedication, hard work plus patience, the sum of all my sacrifice I’m done waiting.” So, as the wait to feel all Kari has to offer is over… the marathon of life still continues, and she is prepared to conquer. Now the only way is up and as we celebrate what is in store, we all shall rise! When asked to summarize her plan for her conquest, Kari had the following to say: “When it is your will, you will get your stuff done”.

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