Kari Jay is BACK! That’s right, y’all, the highly anticipated first volume of her three part Sacred EP is officially out for all of your streaming and your downloading needs. On the heels of her birthday, Kari has decided to grace us with some new music. Each song on this project seems to focus on sacredness within different types of relationships. The project’s first track, “Thighs”, shows Kari propositioning a lover with a delicate sensuality that is not unlike that which is shown in her debut project’s opener “Soulfood”. Kari, having found something and, of course, someone good for her soul can now relish in the intimate connection between her and her beloved. Kari aims to please, setting a vibe that her lover can follow. A vibe that almost assuredly includes scented candles, a hot bubble bath, a glass of wine served with chocolate covered strawberries. The type of vibe where you can feel the sheer adoration in each gentle caress by your lover. Thighs is an essential addition to your playlist if you’re the type to like slow drives in the countryside while daydreaming about that perfect moment when your eyes meet, your desire pooling in the pit of your loins just waiting for that rush of love to surge over you, electrifying every cell in your body with an aura of protection. Or maybe you’re sitting in your office cubicle thinking about getting that work put on you after you clock out of your job. So the next time you feel your lover’s lips on your chest, feed them some breast and listen to Thighs. It’s a Kari Jay approved way to elevate your life!

Onto the second track from Sacred Vol. 1, the appropriately named “Sacred” seems to take a more personalized look into the relationship between us and Self, us and the Creator. Sacredness is something that we all on some level understand and we all have an idea of what that means and looks like which further highlights Kari’s aim to use her individuality to celebrate, make space for and honor our collective sacredness. The song with its mellow, stripped down guitar melody juxtaposed with hard-hitting hip hop drums and other boisterous production elements also highlights an important facet of sacredness conceptually speaking. We are reminded that sacredness, that sensuality, can be many things at once. It is free, multifaceted and all-encompassing. Sacred is as Sacred does. Kari is free and unapologetic, which is a tenet of sacredness. To honor the sacred being within you starts with affirming yourself, curating the space to exist as yourself and seeing yourself through the eyes of the divine, as a being not to be feared but to be revered. Kari’s Sacred helps us to remember that no one can take our sacred essence from us. They may try our gangsta from time to time, but they will never take what is ordained for us. Remember to look at yourself in all your sacred glory in the mirror and repeat these words as if you were reciting a mantra: “So sacred, you’re so sacred. So sacred, I’m so sacred. So sacred, we’re so sacred. So sacred, oh so sacred”.

The final track from this installment is the two-part anthem “Alright, Bye” which takes on the sacredness in our platonic and familial relationships, the sacredness of our tribe. Kari gets candid about the conflicting feelings of trying to do right by people who cannot offer her the same courtesy. She acknowledges that there are people who can’t love her not for a lack of trying but because they haven’t cultivated that love within themselves. They haven’t reached the point where they can be honest and upfront about not having it all together which has manifested as bitterness and animosity. Kari remains hopeful, however, affirming that even if some friends don’t like us, that we will be alright. Understanding that while it is hard to be at odds with someone you seek to protect, it is not and will never be your responsibility to push someone to do the work they are unwilling to do for themselves. Always give yourself the grace to allow yourself to heal. There is nothing wrong with prioritizing your own healing. Be well advised and take caution not to drown in the waters you attempted to force the unwilling horse to drink from. Say Bye and stay alive, it’s Alright to want to heal rather than create more bruises on your Sacred Thighs. And if you see yourself begin to falter, you can download, purchase and stream Sacred Volume 1 to remind yourself of who you are and where that is leading you. Allow Sacred to give you the reassurance you’ve been seeking, to comfort you through the times you confront your tears leaking.

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